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Sobre mi

I will tell you the truth, Not what you want to hear. I am not allowed to give medical, lawsuits or coming death, or pregnancy readings. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, I see symbols, fast flashes of images, and receive messages from your Angels to mine. No psychic is 100 percent. If they are then they could tell you the lottery numbers. We all have our off days when we can't pick up any information. This is usually a person who have mental blocks so therefore can't get through. When If I tell you something and you don't recognize it then it means it hasn't happened yet but will and of course, if you recognize it then it means it has already happened and that I need to move beyond that I do not judge and believe all are God's creation should be loved and respected. I am compassionate, inspirational, and non-judgmental. I am a natural born psychic with no training in schools etc. and have given successful psychic readings. I receive the information/message then give it to you and at the time I can be straightforward in order to get the message across if important. I have helped couples reunite not through spells but through relationship guidance. I am a seer, hearer, and speaker, I feel, smell/taste in my readings then deliver to you. I am a love specialize in marriage, dating, and relationships.


  • Usuario Psychic Sofia
  • Género Mujer
  • Experiencia 10 Años