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expert jasmine
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  • Profesíon & Dinero
  • Predicciones del Futuro
  • Cartas del Tarot
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I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and an empath. I can see all sides of the situation you are asking it work, love or spirituality and guide you towards your best path. I believe in the power of love that we are spiritual beings living in a physical body. Using a psychic is similar to getting a map of your life's path. While there are many stops along the way you can receive spiritual guidance on which bumps to avoid, and which paths are beneficial to your souls growth. Sometimes the message is not what we want to hear but it is what we need to hear so that we do not manifest the same lessons twice. I am a person that has walked in your shoes - many times in my life I have not learned the lesson the first or second time. This has made me extremely empathetic and able to relate to people in all situations. My Prayer For You- Is That Your Reading- Be In Your Highest Expectations- And Best Interest!


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